You don’t have to eat in our restaurant to enjoy a drink in the Koh bar.

Our bar has its own separate drinks license. So we welcome people who just want to have a relaxed drink and a chat with friends.

It might be a pleasant after-work drink with colleagues. Or a sociable late-night gathering of companions.

Of course, our bar customers are always more than welcome to eat with us – but it’s not mandatory!

Many patrons enjoy sitting at the bar itself, which is an impressive 10m long and topped with a polished concrete counter. Pride of place is given to our six-litre wooden casks that we use for aging our own cocktails.

You will be impressed by our dazzling and colourful display of spirits and liqueurs from all over the world with an emphasis on whiskey – literally hundreds of bottles to be discovered and loved.

The bar showcases Koh’s great reputation among cocktail lovers. Quite simply, we have the best menu of cocktails in Dublin city.

If you choose, you can of course enjoy these whiskeys and spirits on their own.

In addition, our drinks menu includes a wide range of local and international craft beers and wines.

As we say in Ireland – Slainte!

Or in Thai – Sanuk!