Date: 16th-21st February 2015 | Time:

We are delighted to be taking part in the Dublin Whiskey Fest 2015 which takes place in 20 different locations around the city from 16th to 21st February.

Dublin Whiskey Fest is a citywide celebration of Ireland’s national spirit, Irish whiskey! The Whiskey Fest will showcase all the different ways you can enjoy the country’s finest whiskeys. There will be hot toddies, Irish coffees, Irish whiskey cocktails, pairings with craft beers and Irish whiskeys served neat. By purchasing a €5 wristband, you can avail of a 30% discount on the special Irish whiskey drinks that we at Koh and all the participating venues are offering.

Here in Koh we have created a special whiskey cocktail for the Fest called SUNDANCE, made with Rooibos infused Kilbeggan single grain, palm sugar, lemon juice and Tatra Tea liqueur. We will also be offering 3 tasting flights: Kilbeggan, Kilbeggan single grain and Connemara 12 year old single malt. Price for the Cocktail and the 3 tasting flights is €7 each (after discount).

To give you a taste of what’s to come during the Dublin Whiskey Fest, have a look at this video.