One of our bartenders, Alan Petrovic, with his Don Medellin Cocktail, has been named in the Top Twelve Bartenders for World Class Ireland, World Class Phase 2 competition He now goes forward for In-Bar judging and hopes to be named in the Top 3 and advance to the Final.

Here is some information from Alan about his delicious cocktail, the Don Medellin:

The Don Medellin

“…he is embarking on a mission to save both his favourite bat,

and the legendary drink of Mexico, tequila…”

quote by Sir David Attenborough, from the documentary ‘The Bat Man of Mexico’.

The story of my drink is based around Dr. Rodrigo A. Medellin, who is a Mexican ecologist and academic known for his work in the field of bat conservation. The threatened lesser long-nosed bats know as tequila bats, are the main pollinators of the blue agave, and therefore he is not saving only bats, but tequila as well.

Focusing on Dr. Medellin and his work I tried to link all the ingredients of my drink with him, and therefore with bats and Mexico

 – The tequila is Don Julio Anejo infused with Mexican chocolate

 – As predators, bats are also helping to preserve cucumbers by eating cucumber bugs, therefore I use cucumber to make soda

 – Mexican rose is a well known and beautiful pattern so I use rose syrup to represent this

 – Spanish influence in very prominent in Mexican history, so I added Gobernador Oloroso Sherry, from Bodegas Emilio Hidalgo

 – The challenge of World Class 2016 is called ‘fruits and plants’, so tamarind is added for the fruit (and sour) part, and is well known and used fruit in Mexico

We’re keeping everything crossed for him!

The Don Medellin Cocktail photo