Koh is the Thai word for island.

And we pride ourselves in being a welcoming little island of excellence for anybody looking for a good quality Thai restaurant in Dublin.

Koh staff have been serving the very best of Thai and Asian cuisine in the centre of Dublin since 2008.

We offer our customers reasonably priced, top quality traditional and original dishes from the far side of the world.

We do this while also using as many local Irish ingredients as possible.

We like to call it cross-cultural cuisine!

Of course, Koh isn’t just a great place to eat in Dublin. We also pride ourselves in our cocktails. These range from classic martinis to new and original creations by our award-winning cocktail bartenders.

Koh brings its own distinctive personality to eating out in Dublin city centre. Our shared dining concept, Nung Kin Khao, literally translates as ‘let’s all gather around and eat’.

Our menu includes many dishes specifically designed to foster the traditional Asian philosophy of dining as an event to be shared and savoured.

This is one of the reasons why we welcome families with children and convivial gatherings of friends and work colleagues.