Posted on: 08.08.2016
The Monday blues are strong today, but if we look on the bright side, by the time you finish reading this post you’ll be that bit closer to the weekend, with an incredible home-made cocktail to look forward to. At Koh, we pride ourselves on our exquisite and considered cocktails; you’ll always find something that will tickle your fancy and we love working with local producers. Though the ultimate cocktail experience can only be had in-house with us (and every day of the week, didn’t you know), we’ll be letting you in on a few Koh secrets over the coming weeks, sharing tips and recipes so that you can enjoy a little bit of Koh at home too. 
First up? How to make a mean Modern Lemonade; perfect for these balmy August evenings.
Modern Lemonade 1
This signature cocktail is light and refreshing and not too overpowering in its alcohol content.
You will need:
35 ml of Sloe Gin Plymouth 
14 ml of Oloroso Sherry
1 dash of orange blossom water
10 ml of honey water
15 ml of lemon juice
100 ml of soda water
(All of the above can be found at one of our favourites, The Celtic Whiskey Shop or also in Fallon & Byrne)
Modern Lemonade ingredients
Add all of the ingredients above (minus the soda water) into a good shaker and pack it full of ice. Shake it for a good 15-20 seconds before simply straining it into a highball glass (a tall tumbler will do), full of ice. Then add your soda water to fill the glass. To garnish, clap with a few mint leaves in your hand – this awakens the flavours of the mint and will utterly transform the flavour – and add in a slice of dried lemon for that extra professional finish. 
Modern Lemonade 2Tools needed:
Highball glass
Shot measure
Modern Lemonade 3
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